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A high energy class that mixes beat choreography with high intensity interval training, all done on the Step!  Different levels of intensity are provided to ensure everyone gets the most out of their Step workout.  Class ends with a thorough cool-down and stretch.


This class takes the traditional Step equipment and puts an athletic spin on it.  It goes light on the choreography, and heavy on the athletic moves.  This workout is focussed on burning calories and bolstering up cardiovascular fitness with intervals of very high intensity.  Athletic step finishes with an intense core strengthening segment, a cool down and thorough stretch.


Step with an added Step!  Doubling up on your traditional Step class.  Participants can either join a line of steps with classmates or use two steps of their own.  This puts an interesting spin on traditional step class, burning up tons of energy as you are challenged both physically and mentally!


Start your Monday morning right !

Hit fit is High Intensity Training. Drills and circuits will be taught in this high energy cardio class.


A high energy full body workout combining various cardio styles and resistance training for a maximum fat burn. This class provides challenge and variety, yet is suitable for all fitness levels


Experience high energy, low impact indoor cycling with upbeat music and calorie burning cardio. Then off the bike core work and a full body stretch to increase flexibility and create relaxation. All levels are welcome. styles and resistance training for a maximum fat burn. This class provides challenge and variety, yet is suitable for all fitness levels


Challenge your mind and muscles in this dynamic class which combines choreography with a focused body-weight-only strength workout for a full body boost!


Step right up is a full hour of step cardio


Covers it all Cardio Strength Core using your own body weight all levels welcome


The Hitt workout High Intensity Interval Training. This class has it all 30 minutes of Cardio Hitt training 20 min Back and abdominal work to finish a relaxing stretch.


Get your fix early, a cardiovascular workout with no complicated choreography.  This class will give you
your early morning cardio mixed in with interval and
core training.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness while dancing!  A high energy, high intensity cardio class that consists of layered choreography.  Routines are added to and reviewed every week, so whether you come every once in a while, or every week, you will be able to come out and enjoy the dancing and energy of this class!  Great for anyone who loves to dance, this class is open to all levels, and no experience is necessary.


Vintage athletic and aerobics moves with a modern flare!  This workout is designed to work the entire body with drills, jumps and pumps in a circuit-based format using equipment such as skipping ropes, BOSU balls, and foam rollers.


Get ready to push yourself and your body! This class will rev up your metabolic system with non-stop full-body conditioning exercises involving high intensity cardio segments and weight bearing exercises.

This is a varied workout using different equipment every time, some days in circuit training or training with multiple sets.  This variation makes sure you get the most out of your workout by switching it up on your body every time!  This class will help you get the high endurance in both cardiovascular and muscular fitness you are looking for.


Taking interval training and mixing it with choreography to motivate you and get your heart pumping!  This class takes high and low impact moves and uses them in a layered choreography that anyone can follow in order to maximize energy burned and boost your cardiovascular fitness.  A high-energy, fun, group atmosphere that will make the whole class fly by!  Class ends with a cool-down and stretch.


Do you love music and have a passion for dance?

Come out and try Miranda's Zumba cardio class. This class is suitable for all levels; zumba can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be You will fall in love with the music and the energy in the room! If you're a dancer or just love to break a sweat come down and party while learning different styles of dance. Please be prepared to have fun! Bring water, comfortable shoes and high energy!

 Final Detail



Strengthen, stretch and tone your body while relaxing your mind.  A classical yoga class, it will help improve strength and mobility in your body, restoring it from the stresses of training and everyday life.  Relax and restore your mind as you move through a variety of poses that include levels for everyone, whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner.  Learn to work with your body, instead of against it, and let your stress melt away.


This class combines Yoga and Strength training in order to create the perfect balance of mind and body!  Create muscle mass, connect to your core, and improve your posture while opening and relaxing your mind.  Fusion is a total body workout suitable for all levels that will help improve your training in all aspects!


A perfect class for beginners!  This class is also excellent for those who need a break from working or training hard!  This is a slow-paced yoga class that focusses on form and restoring proper alignment throughout the body.  This class is designed to repair the damages caused by long-term and short-term stresses on the body.  Whatever the reason for your aches and pains, this class will help improve how your body feels.  Includes a longer meditation at the end of class.


Pilates is designed to create long, strong, lean muscles.  This class focuses on core strength, as well as spinal and joint mobility.  This is will help you create a stability throughout your body that will help you do everything better physically.  This means you can run, walk, lift weights and everything in between with a more stable foundation!



The perfect class for our Third Age (55+) members!  YAH is a slow-paced class designed for those who need a well-balanced, low impact program.  This class is also fantastic for those people who are returning from injury, or just starting out on their fitness journey.  YAH consists of a warm-up, cardiovascular training, muscle conditioning, and ends with a stretch.  Emphasis will be put on balance, posture and flexibility.


Use a variety of equipment to shape and strengthen your muscles!  This is an endurance-based muscular conditioning class that puts emphasis on technique.  You will not only learn many muscle sculpting exercises, but proper form and how to use an assortment of gym equipment.  This makes Sculpt a great class to help you reach your long-term fitness goals!  This class is great for all fitness levels.


No dance experience necessary- Ballet Bootcamp & Barre is a hardcore workout for participants of all levels. to work your entire body as the class flows from ballet-infused cardio to a sculpting and elongating series to help you achieve a stable core, improved posture and a longer, leaner physique.


Looking to strengthen and lengthen? The Barre will effectively work to strengthen, tone, and sculpt your entire body using movement based on ballet barre work. Working through a series of exercises to create strength followed by a series of stretches to create length work your way to better posture, alignment and body awareness.


There's no plateau in this challenging, high intensity interval training workout to the beat. Use your own body weight to increase endurance and create a calorie after burn like no other.


Cardio and balance all in one!  Utilizing the BOSU ball, this class provides an intense cardio workout while training to build muscular strength and endurance.  It is a new type of training, and a great physical challenge.  This class incorporates both choreographed and athletic moves in the perfect blend of strength, fitness and balance.  The BOSU workout may not be suitable for those with ankle, knee and hip issues.


The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness program that will blow you away. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhytms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba® class!

(Zumba® Gold is 55+ appropriate for the active older participant)


This is interval training like you have never done it before.  Lose fat while increasing your cardiovascular and athletic performance!  Tabata is an exercise philosophy that advocates 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This cycle is repeated 8 times for a grand total of four minutes…per exercise.  The class itself consists of about 8 exercises.  This is an intense workout that may not be suitable for de-conditioned, elderly participants, or those with medical conditions or joint concerns.  Benefits of Tabata include increased VO2 max, decreased body fat and a cardiovascular and athletic performance boost.  Bring a water bottle.


The bosu is used as a tool to challenge your balance and use your core in this high energy cardio class.

The hit is high intensity interval.

Ball Stability

a 60 minute class involving a long warm-up and extended stretching component at the beginning and end of the workout with 40 minutes of solid work consisting of an array of

exercises ranging from simple to complex to challenge your core muscles, equilibrium and improve coordination and balance. Learn how to use equipment such as the stability ball, BOSU, and bender ball in a wide range of movements which involve all the deep muscles in the body - you'll discover muscles you never knew you had!



There is a reason that water and a towel are mandatory for this class.  This is indoor cycling like you have never experienced it before! All levels are welcome to come on this non-impact adventure on a high performance stationary bike.  Each class is different, some focusing on hill climbs, some with sprint training, but all with the purpose of giving you the most realistic indoor cycling experience possible.


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